Shimon was born in 1925 in Tarnowskie Góry, Silesia, Poland to Yitzhak and Yona Lundner, Zionist Jews, who wanted to realize their dream of working the soil of the Land of Israel. He had an older sister. The family made aliyah in the 30s and settled in the Galilee.

The father fell ill and died. The family could no longer survive in the harsh condition, so they moved to Tel Aviv, where Shimon found his place in a large metalworking factory which manufactured machines. He was very successful, and as time passed the government of Germany gave him the title Maschinenbaumeister. He worked in this until his retirement. As a youth, he was influenced by the murder of his uncle by Arabs in Jaffa when riots erupted in 1936.

Shimon joined Gadna and after Hish with the Hagana. After many courses in night combat field maneuvers, using many different types of weaponry, especially heavy units. He became disaffected with the British attitude towards Zionism in light of the new of the Holocaust and the lack of action by the Hagana, so in 1946, he joined Lehi.

His first job was disseminating promotional materials, communications and various other missions. He was involved in combat and confiscation of funds. In one case, at midnight in the rain, he saved the life of a fighter whose artery had been severed. Soon he was working on producing Sten machine guns in the Lehi workshop in Bnei Brak, but he was sometimes summoned to do other things.

In 1948, he joined the IDF with combat brigade of Lehi, Battalion 82, Company C of the 8th Brigade, under Yitzhak Sadeh’s command. He was injured in the hand by a bullet while helping a wounded comrade, in operations at Kfar Ana Yehudia. He was injured again in Iraq al-Menashiya, operated on in Dajani. Once he recovered, he began fighting in Auja el-Hafir, Abu Agila, el-Arish and Rafiah. In the Sinai War, he fought with Battalion 277, storming the positions at Rafiah until the Arab forces were defeated.

He took part in professional mission in Africa, developing water sources, in 1954, 1959, 1963 and 1973.

In 1948, he married Sarah Kravtsov, a Lehi member. They have a son who is a medical doctor who served in the Air Force.

His family included some of the most senior IZL fighters.

He was active in commemorating both Lehi and the 8th Brigade.

He enjoyed reading history books.