NAME: Livni (Weiss) Moshe


DATE OF BIRTH: July 25, 1921

DATE OF DEATH: May 11, 2016

Moshe was born on July 25, 1921 in Munkács, Czechoslovakia to Tzvi and Bluma, who were Religious Zionists and Mizrahi members. They ran a bakery which allowed them to provide for their four children.

Moshe received a Zionist education both at home and thought the Bnei Akiva youth movement, which he joined at age six. He studied in the Hebrew Gymnasium in his hometown until the entire family made aliyah in 1935. They first lived in Bnei Brak. Moshe studied in Yeshivat Tel Aviv and was a Bnei Akiva member. In 1937, he joined IZL, taking a course in Kalmania. He was active there until the split. In 1940, he enlisted in the British Army and served in the infantry and logistics corps in Egypt. In 1943, he joined Lehi, using an underground representative in Egypt, who gave broad support to the movement, called Natat.

After Moshe was demobilized, he continued his Lehi activities, first in Tel Aviv and then in Haifa. He was known as Shlomo and Ehud. In Tel Aviv, he worked in an explosives factory. In Haifa, he was involved in recruitment and operations. He laid mines at Hadar HaCarmel, Kiryat Ata and Shaar HaAmakim. He was part of the surveillance operation against ASP (Assistant Superintendent of Police) Albert Conquest, one of the commanders of the Haifa CID, who was executed by the underground on April 26,1947. In 1947, Moshe was arrested and sent to Latrun.

He participated in the digging of the second tunnel, discovered in November 1947. He was released on May 27,1948, and two days later he arrived at Sheikh Munis to enlist in Battalion 82 of the 8th Brigade, along with the other members of Lehi. He was a platoon sergeant in an armored company (Company A) and participated in every one of its battles throughout the War of Independence. At the end of the war, he was transferred to the Ordnance Corps as its chief inspector, and later a commander with the rank of major.

The IDF sent him abroad, and he decided to Hebraicize his name. In 1968, he completed his service and moved on to military industry, being in charge of experimental ordnance. He retired in 1986.

He married Esther Rothfink, and they have two sons.