NAME: Lior Adina-Adela nee Rubinstein


DATE OF BIRTH: June 1919

DATE OF DEATH: October 23, 2001

Adina was born in 1919 in Lublin, Poland to Esther and Ephraim. In 1924, after her mother’s death, the family moved to Torczyn in Volyn. She had two brothers, Wolf and Tzvi.

The father was an active Zionist in the Jewish community, fluent in many languages and working in advertising and international exhibitions. As antisemitism flared up, he could no longer pursue this profession.

In Torczyn, she studied in the Polish elementary school, continued for three years in Warsaw in the Oort Technical School, studying handicraft and craftsmanship, in order to acquire a profession to use in the Land of Israel.

From age fourteen, she was a Beitar activist in Torczyn; in 1935, she joined the first IZL cell in Poland, in Torczyn. In Warsaw, she was in charge of communications between IZL cells in Poland and the agents from the Land of Israel; she also assisted the IZL’s illegal aliyah. On 3 December 1939, she left with a Beitar group for the Land of Israel. After about two years of wandering through Poland, Lithuania and Russia, she arrived in Turkey with forged documentation, staying in Mersin for six months waiting for approval to make aliyah, using the time to learn Hebrew, supported by the Joint. She reached the Land of Israel in July 1941, joining Lehi.

Adina lived in Tel Aviv with Hasia Shapiro. Their apartment was used for the underground; due to the pursuit of Lehi members, they had to move constantly. She worked as a seamstress in a factory making Rosen towels. As a Lehi operative, she learned how to use firearms, distributed promotional materials in theaters, was involved in surveillance operations, transferred a machine gun from Haifa to Tel Aviv, transferred posters to Jerusalem, carried messages from Yair to his wife, et cetera.

During the Saison, Hagana members gave her name to the British, and they took advantage of this when she was arrested.

She was acquainted with her future husband, Micah Lichtmacher Lior, who made aliyah with the Af al Pi movement in 1937, in Warsaw. Then they met in the Land of Israel and got married on Lag BaOmer 1943. Her husband was an IZL member who was close to Lehi. Adina and her husband were arrested in Bethlehem on November 2,1943 as they carried a letter from Natan “Gera” Yellin-Meir to his wife Frieda. On their way to interrogation in Jerusalem, Micah ate the letter. They were freed, but at the same time a search was being conducted of their home in Kiryat Meir in Tel Aviv. When they returned, they were arrested along with three young men who had deserted Anders’ Army, Lehi members. Adina was sent to Bethlehem, from which she was released only in 1945. Micah sat in Latrun and Acre, then was exiled to Eritrea. He was freed in June 1946. However, both remained under house arrest until the State was established. The three young men were sent to prison in Cairo.

Micah ran a printing house. Adina worked in the laboratory at Leumit Health Fund, becoming a certified laboratory technician. After two decades, she retired in 1980.

Her husband, Micah, died on September 15,1999. They had three sons.

Adina was a brave and faithful freedom fighter, in Israel and abroad.

She passed away on October 24,2001.