Benzion was born in Tiberias on January 13, 1931 to Rabbi Yechezkel Lifschitz, sixth generation of Jerusalemites who moved to Tiberias, and to Dina née HaLevi-Segal, third generation of Tiberias natives (her grandfather was the rabbi of the city for forty years and buried in the rabbis’ plot).

His father Yechezkel taught Jewish subjects in a Talmud Torah for more than fifty years; his mother was a homemaker.

Benzion studied in a Talmud Torah and a yeshiva in Tiberias, then in Galilee High School. He matriculated and studied economics and management in the Jordan Valley College, as well as another year in Tel Aviv University.

In 1946, Benzion was recruited to Lehi by his good friend Hayim Urbach. Benzion put up posters, surveilling army camps and even taking part in attacks on British Army vehicles. British police were pursuing them at the same time as Hagana members were tracking them.

In 1947, he underwent a firearms training course in Raanana, shortly before the course which the British attacked with tragic results.

As the Mandate was coming to an end and the connections to Lehi were lost, Benzion participated in the defense of the Old City of Tiberias (where his family lived); he was even wounded and hospitalized in Schweitzer Hospital.

In 1951, he enlisted in the IDF (his injury delayed his enlistment), and after basic training, he was assigned to the first armored course in Ramleh. Benzion completed the course and stayed to instruct the next course. In reserve, he was assigned to Battalion 38. In October 1956, as part of the Sinai War, Benzion participated in the Battle of Abu Agila. He was in the command halftrack of Brigade Commander Glinka, which was shelled by the Egyptians. A direct hit killed or wounded everyone in the halftrack. Glinka was killed, while Benzion was seriously injured, evacuated by the retreating Israeli soldiers. He was transferred in critical condition and hospitalized in Beilinson, then Tel HaShomer, for an extended amount of time. Eventually, he was recognized as an IDF disabled person.

In February 1956, Benzion married Tova Kott, a Tiberias native who was a teacher and whose parents owned a hotel. The couple had four sons. Benzion worked in the Ministry of Defense in Tiberias and in the National Insurance Institute. He was the director of the regional branch, eventually including the Golan Heights as well.

Benzion passed away on November 18,2014. He left a wife and four children.