NAME: Levitan Aharon



Aaron Levitan, son of Abba, was born in Kaunas, Lithuania in 1928. At home they spoke mostly Yiddish. Due to influence from his grandmother, the entire family immigrated to Israel in 1938, when he was only 10 years old. He joined the “Brit Hashmonaim” movement. Rabbi Moshe Segal, head of the movement, ordered its members to join the Lehi. In 1944, Shimon Barmetz recruited Aharon to Lehi in Jerusalem. His nickname was “Moshe” and Barmetz’s nickname was “Aharon” and together they were “Moshe” and “Aaron”. He participated in distribution activities and hanging posters in the Youth Division and later was a fighter in the Combat Division in Jerusalem. He took part in the joint Lehi and Etzel operation to break-in to the central prison in Jerusalem (in the Russian Compound). He recruited Ezra Yachin to Lehi. Among his commanders were Zvi Frank “Eliezer”, Yaakov Grenek “Dov”. With the start of the war of independence, he joined the Hagana claiming that Lehi had not done enough. He fought in Gush Etzion and was wounded in the eye and hand. Among other things, he participated in the Haganah operations in Beit Zafafa , one of which was the explosion of the flour mill. He received the Lehi badge.