NAME: Levi, Pesach

LEHI ALIAS: Shechori

DATE OF BIRTH: March 30, 1923

DATE FALLEN: June 3, 1943

Pesach was born in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria on March 30,1923. His parents, Aliza and Hayim, were ardent Zionists, educating their two sons in this spirit. Pesach studied in elementary school and the Gymnasium. He was a sensitive and cultured youth. Even as a student, he showed his leadership ability. He was a thinking man and a writer. At a young age, he joined the Beitar youth movement in Sofia, when it was persecuted and unpopular. He quickly distinguished himself as a pillar of the movement, organizing, directing and recruiting. He was a role model and proved great dedication. Aliyah was always a goal for him, and when the opportunity presented itself, he made aliyah with a group from Beitar, illegally, on the ship Dorian. When they reached the shore, the British seized the ship, sending all aboard to detention in Atlit for eighteen months. Pesach connected with Lehi while he was detained, and as soon as he was released, he joined Lehi. He was dedicated to his work, and he had boundless determination.

He was punctilious about secrecy, and even his closest friends did not know about his activity. He trained with firearms and took part in important missions. He was eventually selected to be in charge of communications and security for Eliyahu “Shaul” Giladi, one of Lehi’s heads, who fled from Mizra together with Yitzhak “Michael” Shamir. Shaul was in charge of operations, but he showed moral and personal deficiencies, knowing no limits and showing only unconcern and cruelty, even towards his comrades. He lectured those in power, used force and threatened those close to him mercilessly. Pesach, who was at his side day and night, witnessed the sadism and madness, and was often the target of Shaul’s cruel and abusive behavior.

One day Pesach disappeared. His girlfriend found a handwritten note on his bed: “When you read this, I will no longer be among the living. I cannot continue in the movement as it is today, and without the movement, life has no meaning. Be happy.”

On June 3,1943 his body was found. He had died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was twenty years old.