NAME: Levi (Nadav) Hadassah


DATE OF BIRTH: 20th May, 1933

Hadassah Levi, daughter of Yosef Nadav, was born on May 20th, 1933, in Tel Aviv. She lived in Kerem Hateymanim with her family. She attended a girls’ school until sixth grade. She then ran away from home and joined Kibbutz Alumot in the north, where she lived for about two years. When she returned to Tel Aviv, in March 1946, at the age of 13, she joined the Lehi in the Operations Division in Tel Aviv under the command of Shimon Mazali “Gad”. Hadassah would hang propaganda material against the British government. At night she would go out with another girl, one would hang the posters and the other would keep guard. While the fighters were out on operations, she would keep watch of the Brits walking nearby and help find escape routes for the fighters when the operation finished. She also assisted in guarding weapons in Kerem Hateymanim. She received the Lehi badge. During her time in Lehi, Hadassah met fellow Lehi member Haim Levi “Ben-Ami” and married him immediately after the declaration of independence. Hadassah and Haim had a daughter, Bat Ami and a son, Erez, 7 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. She lives with her husband Haim in Ramat Hahayal in Tel Aviv.