NAME: Levi Miriam nee Levi



DATE OF DEATH: January 29, 2017

Miriam was born in Yemen in 1929 to Zechariah and Sarah Levi. She made aliyah in 1941 as part of the Youth Aliyah. She first worked as a seamstress, a job which the Jewish Agency found for her. In 1945, she was recruited to Lehi and she was involved in ongoing activities: putting up posters, observation, ideological lessons and firearms courses. She joined the operations division and was involved in many activities: laying mines on the railroads, attacking British soldiers and policemen, robbing Barclays Bank in Tel Aviv under Blond Dov’s command. She guarded one of the exit points with a grenade.

She was eventually sent to Har Tov, where a Lehi supporter’s restaurant was located. Her cover was being an employee of the restaurant, but she followed British officers who went to it, concealing firearms and grenades in various hiding places. At a certain point, she saw that the location was under suspicion, and Miriam fled to Jerusalem. The pistol and two grenades she had there she hid on her person, pretending to be pregnant. When she reached Jerusalem, she tried to make contact with Lehi members, without any success. She felt that she was under observation, so she disposed of the weapons in a garbage can, just moments before she was arrested and interrogated. She was taken to the police station and questioned, but she fabricated a story that her family was forcing her to marry an older man, which led her to run away from home. They could find nothing against her, and she was released.

At the same, she was supposed to marry Lehi member Shalom “Yoav” Zadok, but on her wedding day, Shalom was killed by British fire in Tel Aviv’s Kikar HaMoshavot, after he threw a grenade at their armored vehicle.

With the establishment of IDF and the disbanding of Lehi, Miriam enlisted with all of her comrades, and she was assigned to Battalion 82 of the 8th Brigade, where she was a combat medic throughout the War of Independence.

After the war, she went back to her career as a seamstress. In 1964, she married Yaakov Levi, and the couple had three sons and one daughter.