NAME: Levi Malka nee Havuva


DATE OF BIRTH: August 18, 1929

DATE OF DEATH: February 29, 2020

Malka was born on August 18, 1929, in Jerusalem, to her parents Nissim and Haya. Her family was observant and lived in the Bukharin neighborhood. Her parents educated their children to love the nation and the homeland. Some time later, they moved to the Ohel Moshe neighborhood, and Malka completed her studies there. She was a member of Young Maccabi.

In 1946, she joined Lehi and was given the nom de guerre Devora. She served in different roles, mainly in communications and disseminating promotional material. While the CID was searching for weapons caches, she managed to slip away. On 22 October 1947, she met Anshel Shpilman, an active Lehi member, who fled on that day from the Jerusalem Central Prison. She wanted to help him. She brought him into her house, where he could bathe, change clothes and eat his fill. Afterwards, she brought him to Rabbi Moshe Segal’s house, and she went to tell his friends where he was.

In November 1947, she was apprehended, along with her friend, after a chase by British soldiers, for disseminating propaganda. Her house was searched and issues of Maas were found. She and her friend were imprisoned in Qishle, and afterwards they were transferred to the Bethlehem Women’s Prison. In January 1948, she was moved together with all the other Jewish prisoners to Atlit. On 22 February 1948, she was court-martialed and sentenced to house arrest. Her friend, Kochava, was killed while on duty at the armory in Lehi’s Camp Dror, in summer 1948.

After the Bernadotte assassination, Malka was arrested in Camp Dror and imprisoned in Jaffa Prison, from which she fled with some of her comrades, who managed to break through the prison gates. She was later arrested again for distributing propaganda and ended up in Acre Prison. After she had served her sentence, she was released on bail.

In 1954, she married Nissim Levi. They had three children and numerous grandchildren. Malka worked in an office until she retired.