NAME: Levi (Huli) Shoshana


DATE OF BIRTH: 17 March, 1932

Shoshana Levi, daughter of Yehuda Huli, was born in Lebanon on March 17th, 1932, and made aliya in 1935. In 1945 she joined the Lehi underground activity in the Youth Cell in Haifa under the command of Yaffa Levi. In October 1948, after Brandot’s murder, Shoshana was arrested together with her friend Tova (Nachmani) Glick “Drora” in Hadar Carmel, while hanging “Ma’as” newspapers, published by Lehi which was considered a terrorist organization. In their trial, they admitted hanging the newspapers, but did not admit that Lehi was a terrorist organization. Among the witnesses summoned were Natan Yellin Moore “Gera”, Matithiahu Shmuelevitz “Zur”. The witnesses were given a chance to explain Lehi’s position after Brandot’s murder. Shoshana served a month in prison. She received the Lehi badge and the State Warriors badge.