NAME: Levi, Avraham


DATE OF BIRTH: June 16, 1929

DATE FALLEN: July 13, 1948

Avraham was born in Jerusalem on June 16,1929 to Yitzhak and Sarah Levi, manual laborers.  As soon as he finished elementary school, he went to work to support the family, becoming a plumber, a profession at which he excelled. He would willingly give his salary to his parents. Avraham was full of joie de vivre and loved his work, and he was beloved by everyone who knew him.

After the Partition Plan was announced, he enlisted the next day to protect Jerusalem and was sent to Neve Yaakov, where he completed his military training and served guarding the road to Jerusalem from the north.

After a few weeks, he returned to Jerusalem, joined the Palmach and took a part in the battles of Kiryat Anavim, Nabi Samwil and Radar Hill. He had courage and initiative, and he chafed at the restrictions put on his unit by the Hagana. He butted heads with his Palmach commander and was consequently sent back to Jerusalem.

Thus, eager to participate in the fight, Avraham joined Lehi in Jerusalem and fought in its battles. As part of the combat unit, he set out with Lehi to capture Ein Kerem, which was done together with IDF units. He was last seen helping a wounded comrade on July 10,1948 and then disappeared. Only three days later, once Ein Kerem was taken, was his corpse found and buried at Sheikh Badr A.

On August 30,1950 Avraham was re-interred at Jerusalem’s Mt. Herzl Military Cemetery.