NAME: Lerner Avraham



Avraham Lerner was born in Rehovot in 1930 to Moshe and Ida, who immigrated to Israel from Russia. His father Moshe was a member of the Halutz movement in Odessa and a member of the Labor Movement in Israel. In Israel, he was a construction contractor. Avraham studied at the Yeshiva in Rehovot.

After graduation, he helped his father with his business. At the beginning of 1946 he joined Lehi in Rehovot and the surrounding areas. Due to an error, he was put in a cell together with Windman Uri, who was also from Rehovot, which was unusual for the time. Avraham delivered posters from Tel Aviv to Rehovot, distributed and hung them. He surveilled British army activities in the area, and participated in disconnecting the telegraph lines that were deep in the ground and were used by the British Army.

As a result of this operation, the switchboard was destroyed. He planted IEDs in British vehicles that patrolled during night curfews, participated in a number of operations to disrupt trains movement from the British Army base to Israel and many other activities. He participated together with Uri Windman “Emanuel” in courses held for them alone at Tirat Shalom and in Kfar Aharon. From there, they went to train throwing short-fuse Miles hand grenades in Habsor River. Avraham’s grandfather was Rabbi Zvi Steinman, who was a supporter of Lehi.

He was the head Rabbi of Rehovot for 40 years and lived in the Rabbi quarters. The Rabbi took great risks and turned his residence into a kind of temporary stash from which they would collect IEDs that were hidden under his wife Gitel’s bed. On May 29, 1948, Avraham enlisted with most Lehi members to the IDF.  He served in the 8th Brigade, 82nd Armored Battalion under the command of Yitzhak Sadeh (HaZaken). Avraham was badly wounded by a Jordanian shell that penetrated the half-track vehicle where he served as a communications officer. After his release, as part of his rehabilitation, he received permission from the Ministry of Defense to start a heavy equipment company with his friend who was also injured in the same vehicle. They paved the road between Arad and Sedom.

On his way home from work, he was killed in a car accident. He left behind, a wife and two sons.