NAME: Lang, Yehuda



DATE FALLEN: January 29, 1944

Yehuda was born in Guvrin, Lithuania, to his Michela and Haya. The family had four sons and four daughters. While he was still a student in the local school, he joined the Beitar movement. He was an activist and absorbed the nationalist spirit, the love of the people and the homeland — i.e. the Land of Israel.

In 1935, he made aliyah and moved to Tel Aviv. First, he studied to be a locksmith. After the riots of 1936-1939, in which the Arabs attacked the Yishuv, he was one of the first to join the Jewish Settlement Police. After his training from the Mandate, he joined the Notrim, and he was sent to guard Kfar Tavor (Masha), al-Shajara and other settlements in the obvious. Whatever role he was given, he would carry out with utmost dedication. He soon achieved the rank of corporal, and some time later he was transferred to the Central District, to Gush Dan.

He was also given a training role, in which he distinguished himself. He was beloved by everyone, a role model for his men. Yehuda also had a pleasant voice, and would often sing, whether solo or with his friends.

In the early 40s, even though he was still a uniformed police officer, he joined Lehi and served two masters simultaneously.

On January 29, 1944 returning from a training session at the firing range, while on duty as a policeman, he was fatally injured in a traffic accident.

Yehuda was buried in Nahalat Yitzhak Cemetery in Tel Aviv.

He left behind his parents, four brothers and four sisters.

His name is commemorated in the memorial book of the Jabotinsky Institute.