NAME: Kramer, Yehoshua



DATE OF DEATH: September 8, 1990

Yehoshua is one of the Lehi members whose details are still shrouded in mystery, either because of secrecy or the lack of through records.

He is known to have been born in 1903 and made aliyah in 1930. He lost his entire family in the Holocaust, and because he never married, his life was a solitary and lonely one.

He ran a factory on Jerusalem’s Jaffa Road, and since he manufactured stamps, he was able to forge documents for the underground, an invaluable contribution.

In the War of Independence, he fought with his comrades for Jerusalem. He was known as “Ben-Moshe” or “Yehoshua the Painter.” As a craftsman, he was very sensitive to beauty and justice, qualities which guided him throughout his life.

As someone who had lost his entire family in the Holocaust, he could not tolerate the violation of the Commandment to “Remember!” The State of Israel’s decision to receive reparations from Germany outraged him so much he left the country. He made his way to the United Nations. While the Security Council was deliberating, as the Syrian representative spoke, Yehoshua ran in and threw a Bible at his head, crying out to all assembled: “Long live the State of Israel!”

After the Six-Day War, he returned to settle in the newly conquered territories.

He spent his last years, while suffering from illness, in the assisted living facility of the Halamish Public Housing Company.

He passed away on September 8,1990 at age 87, and he was buried in Kiryat Shaul.

All that remains of his work is two amazing paintings. They hang in the Neve Ofer Senior Center in Tel Aviv-Jaffa.