NAME: Kovo, Mordechai Marcel


DATE OF BIRTH: September 15, 1915

DATE OF DEATH: April 5, 1996

Mordechai, son of Shmuel and Leonora was born on September 15, 1915 in Sofia, Bulgaria. His father was in business. His mother passed away when he was three. His father remarried, and his stepmother raised him and his five sisters with dedication and love.

At age fourteen, he joined Beitar, and after eight years in it, he became the Beitar representative in Bulgaria.

In August 1939, he made aliyah on the Mapilim ship Naomi Julia, as part of the Beitar-IZL Af al Pi program. He joined the Beitar work company in Tel Litwinsky, where he was recruited to the IZL. After the split, he joined Lehi.

After the split, in August 1940, he was arrested by the CID and detained in Jaffa and Acre Prisons and the detention camps Mizra and Latrun. In 1944, he was deported to Eritrea.

He was released due to health reasons and sent back in January 1946. He went back to Lehi activity, particularly recruiting supporters.

In the War of Independence, he enlisted in the IDF. Due to his health, he served in the Civil Defense Unit (HAGA).

In 1949, he married Rachel Ephraim and they had a daughter, Ora.

In that year, Mordechai began working in the State Comptroller’s Office. He served many important roles in this office until he retired.

For many years, the family lived in Givatayim, but in 1983, they moved to Raanana to be closer to Ora’s family.

Mordechai passed away on April 5,1996 after a lengthy illness. He was buried in the Raanana Cemetery.