NAME: Kor-Al (Korelnick) Oded

LEHI ALIAS: Avshalom

DATE OF BIRTH: March 31, 1927

DATE OF DEATH: July 19, 2015

Oded was born in Haifa on March 31, 1927 to Nahum Koralnik, who made aliyah from Russia in 1919, and Esther née Huberman, who was born in Rosh Pina to a Hovevei Zion family which made aliyah in 1881. For many years, his father was the field correspondent for Davar in the Galilee.

At age three, the family moved to Tiberias. When he was twelve, his class joined the Hagana. When he was fourteen, he began studying at Yagur Agricultural High School, and he continued his Hagana activities in the local Hish company. When he completed his studies, he was asked to join the Palmach and to go out to a squad commanders’ course. He refused, as he was opposed to the policy of restraint of the Yishuv leadership, and he did not want to train for no reason. His commanders threatened him with punishment, but this never materialized.

He moved with his family to Tel Aviv, where he completed in 1947 his studies in economics at the Tel Aviv School of Law and Economics. Lehi members whom he studied with recruited him into the movement. After basic training, he was sent to Dept. 6 and attached to the settlements communications branch, where he found supporters and established communications with them.

His interest in geopolitics led him to study the subject, and he began giving lectures on the topic in Lehi’s ideological courses. In summer 1947, in light of the British plan to leave, he exhorted his audience to refocus their attention on the Arabs. Eldad rebuked him for this, as he and other Lehi leaders believed in the neutralization of the Middle East and a broad anti-imperialist alliance of all its native peoples. Nevertheless, Oded advocated for transfer.

Once the State was established, Oded enlisted in the IDF in August 1948, after he and some others from Dept. 6 tried and failed to join the GSS (Shin Bet). He was assigned to the Artillery Corps, and he fought at the front in Jerusalem. In 1949, he was discharged for health reasons.

In 1951, he published Principles of Geopolitics (Twersky Press). In 1954, he married Sarah “Yael” Rosenberg, who had gone through Lehi basic training with him.

From 1956 to 1999, he was the editor at HaMifal, a forum for management and productivity. Oded dedicated all his time to writing a political-metaphysical philosophical tract, describing a metaphysical world which produces the conflicting intentions of its creations.