Shula was born  March 1927 in Jerusalem, to Malka and Ben-Zion. The family lived in Hebron during the  murderous 1929 riots. Following the Hebron massacre they left for Venezuela, and returned in 1934. They settled at Kfar-Sava, and became involved in  public life; they assisted the needy and helped in  the absorption of  Yemenite immigrants. Shulamit joined “Maccabi Tsa’ir” youth movement. Among the movement’s senior members were some notable Lehi personalities, such as Yehoshua Cohen.

In 1944 her older brother Yoseph (Avikam), a Lehi member, was arrested and exiled to Africa. Shula graduated high school 1945,  joined Lehi and was active in the Sharon region; she specialised assisting in  laying  mines. The Halevi family’s house was available for underground use, hospitalising the injured; Lehi weapons were stored in their backyard and they also donated funds. In February 1946, Shula with her sister Yehudit, were arrested in Haifa – at Pinchas Ginossar’s  apartment – and sent to Bethlehem Prison.  

Shula took part in two prisoner revolts in Bethlehem Prison. One was due to  attacks on Jewish prisoners, and the other because the Jewish political prisoners  were in serious mortal danger from the Arab prisoners, after the UN’s Partition resolution, and demanded transfer. After the revolt the authorities had to transfer them to  Atlit Refugee Camp. Here they underwent the violent outburst of British soldiers breaking into the Camp, destroying property and food. Additionally, Shula, sister Yehudit and other inmates tried to escape. May 1948, the prisoners were released.

She joined the independent Lehi unit in Jerusalem (Eldad Base), and assisted in the preparation for the failed break-in attempt into the Old City, July 1948. Following the assassination of Bernadotte, like other Lehi members not captured by Israel’s authorities, she hid. Afterwards a general amnesty was declared. In 1951 she married Eliezer Jurabin in Tel-Aviv. They later moved to Savion, where she was active in WIZO. Her children are Orna (who passed away aged 4), Liora, Boaz, and Oren, all of whom live in Israel.

On October 29,1982, Shula passed away of leukemia.