Shalom, son of Yehoshua and Dvora was born in Sedloff  Poland  1919. The family made Aliyah 1924 and settled in the  Me’ah-She’arim neighbourhood, Jerusalem. Shalom studied in a Heder, and later studied carpentry. He was a member of Beitar and later joined  Beitar’s Rosh-Pina company. In 1937, aged 18, he was recruited to Etzel.

The 1936-39 riots were underway, but despite the Arab attacks, the Jewish Yeshuv believed in non-retribution. Among  Etzel members, a strong urge for retribution was felt, although the order to act wasn’t issued by the leadership. Following Arab attacks on a Jewish taxi journeying along the Akko-Safed road, where five Jews were killed, Shalom and his friends Shlomo Ben-Yoseph and Avraham Shein, went of their own accord, April 21,1938, to shoot at an Arab bus.No passengers were killed. However, the three were captured, and Shlomo Ben-Yoseph was sentenced to death. To save his two friends, their lawyers proved Shein was a minor, and fabricated documents stating Shalom was certifiably insane.

His life was saved, but he spent several excruciatingly horrific years in the mental institution of Akko Fort. He was later transferred to administrative detention in  Mizra Camp, where underground prisoners were jailed. Shalom joined the Lehi men. He was later transferred to Latrun, where he participated in tunnelling an exit, enabling  him with 19 others to escape on November 1,1943. He began moving between hideouts under false identities, through groves, sands, and rented rooms. He participated in several underground operations and in digging out the bunker where Lehi’s clandestine Press was built, in Rehovot.

In 1945 he married Bat-Sheva and they had three children: Drora, Yair and Arieh, and four grandchildren. Following  establishment of the State and discharge from the military, he worked in carpentry, and later  became a security officer for the Israel Water Planning Commission (TAHAL). Afterwards he worked in a warehouse for ‘Yediot Acharonot’  newspaper, until retirement. Shalom contracted a kidney disease and passed away on April 21,1990, aged  seventy-one. He requested to be buried between his two friends Avraham Shein and Shlomo Ben Yosef in Rosh-Pina .