Eliezer (Fishke) was born in Jerusalem 1924, to Dvora and Yehoshua. He grew up in an observant  “Me’ah Sha’arim” family. He studied at the “Great Yeshiva”, then at “Mizrahi” Seminary. As a youth, he was a member of “Bnei Akiva” movement, then joined the National Youth Alliance.

Eliezer’s brother, Shalom, together with Shlomo Ben-Yoseph, were two of the three who operated in protest of  ‘non-retribution’ , 1938.

Following the split in Etzel, he joined Lehi in Jerusalem. As a youth he participated pasting up posters, surveillance, and covering for fighters in  operations throughout the city. After being chased amidst shooting by the CID at Givat-Shaul, he was arrested 1942. Imprisoned in Latrun’s solitary confinement many days, Eliezer was among  251 prisoners of the first group exiled to Africa, October 19,1944. He sat in camps at Sambal Eritrea, Carthago  Sudan, Eritrea again, and Gilgil  Kenya. He participated in the great escape of 54 exiles from  Eritrea camp June 29,1946,  through two tunnels the prisoners had dug. Captured on September 24,1946 , he was returned to the camp. After establishment of the State he was sent back with the last exiles.

On July 12,1948, he moved to Jerusalem, participating in Lehi’s breakthrough into the Old City. Following the assassination of Count Bernadotte, he was arrested and kept in Sheikh-Mounis Prison  a few weeks, and escaped with his friend Go’el. He was recruited later to the IDF and served as  administrative officer in Court Four. In 1951 he married popular former Lehi member, Shulamit Halevi;  they lived in Tel-Aviv, then  Savion. In 1953 he founded “Dachaf”, one of the country’s largest advertising agencies. Eliezer established the first civil research institute in the country. He established “Civil Intelligence”, the financial newspaper “Sha’ar”, the daily “Hayom-Hazeh”, Air-Cargo Airways company and more.

In 1977, with his friend Ezer Weizman, he contributed to the historical revolution replacing  ‘Mapai’s’ government with ‘Cherut’. In 1988 he coined the popular campaign slogan “I belong to the National Camp”.

On 1982 his wife Shula died. Eliezer is the father of three: Liora, Boaz and Oren, and has seven grandchildren.