Ze’ev was born on December 1,1923 in  Lida, today’s Belarus. His parents, Yosef and Sonia, educated their children in the spirit of Judaism and Zionism. He studied at the ‘Tarbut’ Hebrew school and ‘Hebrew High School’ of Vilnius. Aged ten he joined the ‘Zionist Youth’.  He escaped from the borders of Vilnius 1939. In 1940 he joined  Etzel’s National Cells. When the Soviets invaded Lithuania, he was among the founders of ‘Ta’al’, underground National Hebrew Movement meant for education. He reached Turkey 1941 with the Israel-bound ship “Sventia”, of the Youth Aliyah, arriving in Israel March 15,1941. He attended Youth Aliya Agricultural School Magdiel and joined  Lehi in Kfar-Saba. End 1941 he was accepted in the senior class of ‘Herzliya High School’ Tel-Aviv to complete his studies. He became an instructor of the “Zionist Youth”, and continued Lehi activities. On May 7,1942, following the assassination of Ya’ir, he was arrested during class and put in  Mizra and Latrun Prison Camps. Ze’ev was in the first convoy of 251 prisoners exiled to Africa October 19,1944:  Sambal  Eritrea, Carthago  Sudan and Gilgil  Kenya. Released May 14,1947, he  returned to Israel after five years’ prison. Ze’ev enlisted in the IDF, participating  in the difficult battles that unfolded in Jerusalem and its surroundings 1948- 49. He was heavily injured May 23, 1948 during the liberation of Ramat-Rachel. When the battles ended, he served as Cultural Officer for his Battalion. He was among founders of Kibbutz Yir’on on the border with Lebanon. Since 1953 he’s been a member of Kibbutz Ein-Charod Me’uchad. Ze’ev is married to Re’uma Sturman and they have four daughters: Tamar, Shani, Ya’el and Naomi, and fourteen grandchildren. Between 1963-1968 he studied Philosophy and History at Hebrew University Jerusalem. He excelled and received a PhD in General History. He taught in Haifa University’s History Dept. during 1968-71, and Hebrew University

1973-79. Among his historical publications in both Hebrew and English are:  “Individual Terrorism – The Idea and the Deed” ; “Revolution and Terror” ; “Resistance and Revolt”,  “Essays and Research”; “My Sisters, Heroes within the Misery – Essay and Testimonies” (about the Holocaust); “Revolt of Loneliness – Discussions”; “Lehi – First Plier, Studies on the Period and the Way” (historical).