NAME: Issascharoff Amnon


DATE OF BIRTH: 15 August 1927

Amnon Issacharoff, son of the eldest Moshe, was born in Jerusalem on August 15th, 1927. At the age of 3, the family emigrated to South America, first arriving in Uruguay and then moving to Buenos Aires. In Buenos Aires he was recruited to the Lehi, obtained an immigration certificate and made aliya to Israel in 1946. In May 1946 he joined the Lehi underground in the Jerusalem Division, company 6 of the Combat Unit. Among his commanders were Ze’ev (Willy) Badian “Gabi”, David Gottlieb “Amichai” and Joshua Zetler “Meir.” In Jerusalem he worked for a travel company, through which he issued passports and travel permits for the resistance. He received the Lehi badge. In 1950 he returned to Argentina, where he studied Medicine.

In 1957 he left for the United States, where he studied Psychiatry and later served as chairman of New York Psychiatrists. He married Dora.