NAME: Issaschar Shmuel



DATE OF DEATH: 26 February, 1993

Shmuel Issaschar was born in 1919 in Yemen to Chaim and Bracha Issaschar. In 1926, the family made aliya to Israel through Port Said in Egypt and settled in Kerem Hateymanim. Shortly after, they moved to Rishon LeZion and in 1930 they moved to Tirat Shalom. The conditions and the adjustment process were difficult – the family of five had to live in a small hut until the houses were built, which took about 2 years.

Shmuel was a strong guy. To earn a living, he worked at difficult farming jobs. At the same time, he served in local police department in Gan Yavne and Bitzeron. He later joined the Beitar youth movement in the Galilee and became active in the Etzel. With the split of Lehi from Etzel in 1940, he joined the Lehi under the leadership of Avraham Stern “Yair”.

During World War II, he enlisted in the British Army. Among other things, he fought in the battle of El Alamein and Crete. During the battles in Crete, he was captured by the Germans and held captive for about 4 years. With the end of the war in 1945, he returned to Israel, married and started a family – this did not prevent him from continuing to be active in Lehi – weapons training  for members was held at his home and a weapons hideout was built.

With the independence of Israel and the dissolution of Lehi, he enlisted in the IDF with the rest of the Lehi members in Sheikh Munis and served in the 8th Brigade, Battalion 89. Shmuel died on February 26th, 1993 and was laid to rest in the cemetery in Nes Ziona. He left behind three children: Gaol, Yigal and Avshalom.