NAME: Igalski Avraham


DATE OF BIRTH: February 18, 1922

Avraham was born on February 18,1922 in the town of Schertz  Poland, to David and Bela. Eventually the family reached the Soviet Union, fled and arrived in Haifa 1923. They settled near the Arab Market. The father ran a carpentry shop in Wadi-Nisnas then resettled in Mt. Carmel. In 1938 Avraham studied at ‘Biyalik High-School’, and with a few other boys joined the ‘Matityahu’ Scouts. With this group he went on treks and for field training. After a few years,  recommended by an instructor, he found himself in Lehi, as part of a three-member Cell (amongst whom, for a short while, was Eliyahu Chakim who was later hung in Cairo). Avraham met Yosef Dar and his brother, and the Sobol brothers, Tsfoni and David, active Haifa Lehi members. As part of Lehi he took part in pasting up info-bulletins, expropriating equipment, typewriters among other things, and a British military vehicle. During an expropriation activity that failed, one of the participants was arrested. As a result  British Police came to his workplace in the British Army and arrested him, with his instructor Meir and his own brother. After this the way to Latrun was short. In October 1944 he was exiled with the prisoner-group to Eritrea, later Sudan, and returned to Israel 1946; he had to present himself daily  at the Hadar-Hacarmel Police station. He was re-arrested during ‘Black Sabbath’ and sent temporarily to Latrun. During the War of Independence he fought in the northern part of the country. After discharge, he was recruited by the Port Police, prevention of smuggling). Later he was sent on an explosives  and weapons course. He was in charge of an arms/ammunition base in the north as  superintendent. He served 34 years. During this time he established a home with girlfriend Shoshana Cohen; they had two daughters and a son. He left the police 1980, worked as a clerk and later for an extended period, worked at the Housing & Construction Ministry, responsible for planning and for office equipment, a position he continues to engage in part-time.