NAME: Huliansky Zvi and Rachel

DATE OF BIRTH: Zvi: September 5, 1887; Rachel: May 12, 1881

DATE OF DEATH: Zvi: January 14, 1971; Rachel: November 13, 1971

Zvi was born  September 5,1887 and his wife Rachel  May 12,1881, in the Ukraine. Two of their children, Miryam and Ben-Zion were born in Russia; son David in Haifa. After four years of wandering, they made aliya 1921. In Romania, they’d joined ‘Be’er-Shaday’, an organization for the establishment of a moshava in Eretz-Yisrael. They were enticed to emigrate to the US but withstood the temptation – “We won’t take our children to further exile. Jews belong in Eretz-Yisrael.”  They settled, through ‘Hachsharat- Hayishuv’, in  Haifa in tents – two families with all their children in each tent.

Their economic situation was dire. Zvi worked at the port unloading ships, Rachel worked  cleaning and in producing paper-bags. When construction of Binyamina  began 1922, Zvi worked there as builder; Rachel laundered the workers’ clothes. Zvi contracted malaria and was hospitalized in Hadassah. With his savings he bought a pistol (later used by son David in Lehi). In 1923 he began trading in construction materials. Later he established a large business, importing and doing business with customers from Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.

In 1927 he purchased a brick house  in Hadar- Hacarmel and the family settled there. During the 1929 riots, refugees from ‘Chalisa’ neighborhood found refuge there.  Zvi was one of the founders of the, the ‘Gmilut- Chassadim’ charity, supported institutions and donated generously and anonymously. After his son David was arrested and exiled 1944, he joined the ‘Parents of Kenya Exiles Committee’. Their house was a meeting place and refuge for hunted underground members and a source for their financial support. Rachel prepared glue for the info-bulletins and transported dangerous materials, claiming, “me they would not search.” They buried pots containing secret material in their store. Following David’s arrest, the British came searching and discovered the pots.  Zvi was arrested and interrogated. He was released in deference to his old age. He was part of Lehi’s Elderly Cell. Through his Arab  contacts he supplied vital information for Lehi operations.

Zvi passed away on January 14,1971. Rachel passed away on November 13,1971. They were laid to rest at the Carmel Beach Cemetery.

They are survived by two sons, four grandchildren, twelve great-grandchildren, and five great-great-grandchildren.