NAME: Huliansky David


DATE OF BIRTH: June 25, 1923

DATE OF DEATH: June 28, 2001

David was born on June 25,1923 in Haifa to Zvi and Rachel. He went to ‘Netsach-Israel Elementary’, joining  Beitar at eighth grade. Studies continued at St. Lucas School and later Beirut’s ‘American College’. He joined Lehi 1940. At the time, Nathan Yelin-Mor was working in Lebanon. All contact with him was lost; David was assigned to find him.

Then Nathan’s whereabouts were revealed by informers. He was turned in to the British. David and Shimon Ziv were tasked to assassinate Haifa’s District Governor with a roadside mine, but a group of kindergarten children happened to pass by as the Governor appeared; the mission was aborted. Involved in the incident during which his friend ‘Baruch’ was bleeding from an accidentally self-inflicted wound, David alerted Moshe Bar-Giora, Zion, and the doctor to come urgently to Baruch’s rescue; residents alerted the Police regarding Baruch.

David and his comrades reached wounded Baruch just as the Police units showed up. In the exchange of fire Zion was wounded. Baruch threw a hand-grenade, sacrificing himself to enable his comrades’ escape. Thus  David and his comrades’ lives were saved. Baruch was injured yet again and died in hospital. David moved Zion to Menachem Lunz’s farm in Yavne’el (David had recently recruited Menachem to Lehi). An informer revealed their whereabouts to the British who surrounded them two days later. In the exchange of fire, Menachem and Zion were killed.

David was arrested 1944, and sent to Latrun. He was exiled with the first group to Africa. With four Lehi prisoners, he went on hunger strike early 1948 to ensure their return to Israel. He returned with the last group of exiles having spent 4.5 years’ total in prison. David joined the 89th Battalion, fought in all the southern battles, (Beit-Jubrin, Iraq-el-Suidan, Uja-el-Chafir), and received an Honorable Mention for his heroism. In 1949 David married Lehi member Carmela Benado. They had two chidren, Mira and Israel, and five grandchildren. He liquidated the family business 1961 and represented ‘Alliance Hadera’ in West-Africa. The family returned to Israel. David  became an independent merchant  of plastic equipment. David passed away on June 28,2001.