Carmela was born on March 4,1923 in Sofia Bulgaria, to Zionist parents Israel and Simcha, who had two more children. Family roots dated back to the Spanish Expulsion. Carmela was a member of WIZO Youth, then joined Beitar. In 1941, she made aliya through a fictitious marriage. After a short stay in Atlit Camp, she joined Beitar Rosh Pina. Carmela went to Tel Aviv, staying with her Lehi friend Klara Habenstreit.

After Yair’s murder she was sent to Jerusalem with Klara to assist  laying a landmine at  Mt Zion cemetery’s entrance, to be activated during the visit of senior British officials, at the funeral of a Chief hit by a previous Lehi landmine; the plan was discovered and aborted the night before the mission. Carmela was transferred to Haifa, and was liaison with the center in Tel Aviv. With Moshe Bar-Giora – Haifa Operations Commander – she laid a landmine at the entrance to Haifa Police Chief’s home.

In view of constant prevailing danger from both the British and local inhabitants, Carmela carried a small loaded pistol to avoid being captured alive. In Haifa she met David Huliansky (Ami), who years later became her husband. David got arrested; the following day she too was arrested and imprisoned for over three years in Bethlehem. She was released 1947 having fallen severely ill. She joined her parents, who’d meantime  made aliya, and resumed her Lehi activities. During her recuperation in  Jerusalem Prison she was visited by the Prisoners’ Rabbi , the righteous Arieh Levin and got the opportunity to part from Dov Gruner, (laying injured one floor above hers) before his Death Row hanging.

After her release  she worked as  nurse at Lehi’s physician Dr Gitler’s clinic. She married David after his return from exile in Africa and discharge from the IDF, 1949. They had two children, Mira and Israel, and five grandchildren.  Among her public activities, Carmela volunteered adopting bereaved families on behalf of the Ministry of Defense, and instructing elderly groups at the Adler Institute.  David passed away June  28, 2001.