Arieh was born  December 1920 in Branovitsch Poland, to Yitzhak and Bracha. His father, descendant of a Hassidic family, was an insurance agent. His mother worked on a farm to financially assist the family. His father made aliya alone 1932, and in 1934 brought  his family; they settled in Kfar-Saba. In Eretz-Yisrael he became a food merchant. Arieh studied at the ‘Zion Yeshiva’ Bnei-Brak, and was close to the ‘Hazon-Ish’ and the ‘Admor-of-Slonim’.

In 1937 Arieh joined Etzel, joining Lehi after the split, with the encouragement  of mother Bracha, active supporter of the Lehi underground. His Lehi code name was ‘Amos’. He was involved in diverse tasks, arrested in 1944 while moving the Lehi underground press in the ‘Ezra B’ Tel-Aviv neighborhood, and was imprisoned at Latrun.  Arieh was in the first batch of 251 prisoners exiled to Africa on October 19,1944. He was incarcerated at the camps of Sambal  Eritrea, Carthago  Sudan, Eritrea again, and lastly Gilgil Kenya.

After the State’s establishment he was returned to Israel with the last exiles on July 12,1948, with his brother Gershon, who’d been exiled too.

Arieh worked as Deputy Manager of the ‘Mizrahi Bank’ Old-City Jerusalem branch.

He married Rachel Bergman; they had four children, Zvi, Ben-Zion, Elchanan and Michal, and eleven grandchildren.

Arieh passed away November 11,1992, and was buried on the Mt of Olives.