Moshe was born in Warsaw Poland 1912, to his father Mordechai, a leather merchant, and  mother Leah nee Lichtig. He studied at ‘Tarbut’ School until the family made Aliyah 1924. The settled in Petach-Tikva; Moshe  studied at  ‘Pika’ School. In 1928 his father returned to Poland with two of his children for health reasons. They were joined 1929 by the mother with the remaining two. Moshe, a Beitar member in Petach-Tikva, joined Beitar Warsaw.

Beitar head (Netsiv) Aharon Propes  toured Warsaw with him, to establish additional cells. The influence of the young man from Israel on the youth abroad was immense. He was introduced to Batiya Zweig at Warsaw’s Beitar group; they got married 1932. The couple arrived in Israel, settled in Haifa and opened a restaurant. They joined Etzel 1937.

Moshe moved to the ‘Kalmanya Farm’ working as a driver. He organized a clandestine weapons course there for Etzel members. Moshe was in charge of weapons during the murderous Arab riots. At the farm, wanted members hid from the CID under guise of workers. Moshe Savorai (Moshe’s future brother-in-law) also hid in their apartment in 1938. Moshe was arrested  transporting milk from Kalmanya to Tel-Aviv and jailed at ‘Tsrifin’.

After his release, the family moved to Tel-Aviv, living  with Shmulik Kaplan. They were in charge of  Etzel weapon supplies. After the Etzel split, Moshe continued being in charge of weapons at Lehi. In Moshe’s apartment, Yair occasionally met David Raziel and other Etzel members  to discuss and convince. In 1941 Moshe joined a Jewish Agency drivers’ group working the Syria-Haifa line. Among their activities Jewish soldiers from General Anders’ army were smuggled in, as were the Teheran refugee children. In 1943 Moshe became a driver for Tel-Aviv municipality, renewing Lehi connections through Yerachmiel Ahronson (Elisha). He was tasked to gather information and find hideouts for Latrun escapees. After moving, weapons and medical equipment were stored at his new home. Moshe and Batya had four children: Gid’on (who passed away 1975), Mordechai, Elchanan, Naomi, eleven grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Moshe was Deputy-Manager of Information  Dept. at Tel-Aviv municipality.

He passed away on January 25,1989, and was buried in Holon.