NAME: Hochglik Batya nee Zweig


DATE OF BIRTH: December 25, 1914

DATE OF DEATH: February 19, 1997

Batya (Billa) was born on December 25,1914 in Warsaw Poland, to her mother Naomi and her father Elchanan, who worked arranging typeface for the  newspaper ‘Moment’. They had seven children. Batya studied at the ‘Tarbut’ Hebrew School, like all her brothers and sisters. She joined Beitar, there she met Moshe Hochglik, who’d arrived with his mother from Israel. In Warsaw she worked part-time at “Front Brothers” spice shop; in the 1970’s she returned to work at their shop, in Israel.

Moshe and Batya  got married  end of 1932. They made Aliyah using certificates sent by Moshe’s aunt from Israel. Arriving in Haifa, they established a restaurant; it soon became the meeting place for Beitar members and Nationalist Movement sympathizers. “Red Haifa” was dominated back then by Mapai members (Workers Party), thus the restaurant was opposing the flow.

Every so often members of ‘Plugot-Hapo’el’ went inside the restaurant vandalizing its contents. After the murder of Arlozerov 1933, while Moshe was away, members of  “Plugot- Hapoel”, who opposed Lehi, attacked and  completely demolished the restaurant . The situation was difficult. Moshe found occasional employment in construction, painting, driving etc. Batya sometimes found sewing work. Moshe and Batya joined Etzel 1937.

That year Moshe was accepted as a driver for the ‘Kalmanya Farm’, and they went to live on the farm. Batya cooked for trainees of the Etzel’s weapons course taught there, assisted by Putzi (Bela Shechter), future wife of Yeshushua Zetler. Because of an informer, Moshe was arrested and imprisoned six months in Tsrifin. The family moved to Tel-Aviv. During the split in Etzel, the couple joined Yair. After Yair was murdered in the  Savorais’ apartment, the CID often harassed Moshe when he’d return from Syria, driving for the Jewish Agency. With the establishment of the state, they built their home in Tel-Giborim, Bnei-Brak. They had three sons and a daughter: Gid’on (who passed away), Mordechai, Elchanan and Naomi, eleven grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

Batya passed away on February 19,1997. She was buried in Holon.