NAME: Helman (Sherman) Raya-Rachel


DATE OF BIRTH: 2 February, 1916

DATE OF DEATH: 14 February, 2016

Raya-Rachel Hellman, daughter of Anna and Melech Sherman, was born on February 2nd, 1916. She made aliya to Israel after Moshe Hellman, who later became her husband, sent her an immigration certificate.

After arriving in Israel, the two married.

In 1946, she was recruited to the Lehi by Geula Cohen. The home of Raya and Moshe became a meeting place for Lehi leaders and a hideout for friends who were wanted by the CDI. Together, they underwent weapons training and performed various tasks, including moving weapons hidden in a stroller, and recruiting Lehi members.

Raya-Rachel died on February 14th, 2016 and was laid to rest in the cemetery in Kiryat Shaul.