Moshe (Misha) was born 1914 in Riga Latvia. His father Ya’acov, Doctor of Philosophy, was among the leaders of the Zionist movement in South America, and organized the World Zionist Congress during the last period of his life. He was a newspaper editor and published a book, ‘Jerusalem. His mother Shulamit was a Doctor of Musicology, journalist, and  psychologist. Misha studied at  elementary school. In seventh grade he joined Beitar; when he grew older he was made Riga’s Beitar head. He studied agriculture at university, and received his Masters degree in France.

In 1939, he stayed for some time in ‘Mikve- Israel’ then left for Nahariya where he worked on a farm. A year later, Misha sent his girlfriend Raya Sherman a Certificate (immigration permit); when she arrived they married. He later worked in Ramat- Gan as a gardener, and later as a teacher. In 1946 Misha, together with his wife Raya, contacted Lehi. Their home became a gathering place for Lehi leaders, Dr. Eldad, Yitzhak Shamir, Geula Cohen, Matityahu Shmuelevich and others. It served as a hideout for many Lehi members who wanted by the CID. Misha and Raya underwent training weapons training and participated in many missions assigned to them, transporting weapons in baby carriages and recruiting new members for the movement. Raya became a contact person. Moshe befriended Nathan Yelin-Mor, with whom he held lengthy conversations.

After establishment of the State Misha became a teacher, and school director, and served many years as Chair of the ‘Post-Elementary-School Teachers Union’. After his son was killed in a car-accident he dedicated himself to combating road accidents and established the ‘Pedestrians Protection Organization’. He later became  Vice-Chair of the ‘International Pedestrians Organization’. He was  active in the Freemasons.

Moshe passed away on June 16,1972 at age  58. He is survived by his wife Raya, his son and daughter, and five grandchildren. He was laid to rest in the cemetery of Kiryat- Shaul.