Hannah was born 1931 in Safed to Clara and Shmuel. Her mother, tenth generation Israeli, was a descendant of the Maman family who were exiled from Spain, and settled in Safed. Her father’s family made aliya from Iran when he was seven. Her parents had four children: Victoria, Immanuel, Yehuda and Hannah. The family was nationalist-religious and liberal. Her father had taught Hebrew in Iran, and was an artist painting on glass. The family had a fabric store in Safed.

In 1936 her father became ill and was treated at the Haifa hospital. They moved to Haifa in 1937. When Hannah was six he passed away. Hannah’s mother had to support  the family; she worked very hard to raise her four children. Hannah’s elder sister Victoria helped support the family. Hannah studied at ‘Mizrahi School’ for girls, and continued at ‘Bama’ala Commercial High-School’. She joined the girl scouts and ‘Bnei-Akiva’. She was recruited to Lehi 1946. At 15 she engaged in pasting up info-bulletins, printing and distributing info-material, and doing surveillance. Her brother Immanuel was in Etzel.

Her mother assisted her in  Lehi activities, while renting out a room in their home for Lehi members, aware that they were engaging in underground activities and carrying weapons, thus  endangering the family from British authorities. After the Declaration of Independence, Hannah joined the IDF at the Lehi enlistment parade in Sheikh-Munis.

She served as a combat paramedic in the 82nd Battalion of the 8th Brigade under the command of Yitzhak Sadeh. When the battles were over, the infirmaries underwent change, and she was posted to Headquarters Administration. She married architect Yitzhak Harel 1954. From1956 joined her husband worked abroad as State’s envoy. She would join him intermittently and work there. When they returned to Israel, she worked for the Ramat- Hasharon Council administration and 23 years at the Department of Social Services.

Today she is retired. Yitzhak passed away after an illness 1993. Hannah has two daughters, a son, and four grandchildren.