Binyamin was born September 1930 in Tel Aviv to Chaya and Chaim, natives of Jerusalem. His father, a Hagana member, defended Jerusalem during the events of 1920. Arrested with Jabotinsky and his comrades, he spent three months in prison with them, until pardoned. There were four brothers and a sister in the family; all connected to nationalist circles.  Binyamin grew up in Tel Aviv. Aged 13, following the passing of his mother, he lived at the Tel-Litvinsky Children’s Institution.

He commenced studies at  ‘Ironi Aleph’ High School 1945 and joined Lehi 1946. He was active in the Tel Aviv area, distributing info-material and pasting up info-bulletins. Afterwards, he underwent weapons training at Petach-Tikva. He headed a fighters’ cell, recruited  youth, and  guarded at a Lehi position in  southern Petach-Tikva. In eleventh grade circumstances forced him to leave school.  Binyamin continued his Lehi activities until establishment of the State.

Following the Lehi form-up at Sheikh-Munis, he joined the IDF and was assigned to the ‘Armored A Company’ of the 82nd Battalion as signaler and gunner. He participated in the Brigade’s battles in Uja-el-Hafir, there his halftrack was hit by Egyptian artillery; the entire crew survived. He took part in the conquest of Beersheba. When the battles were over, Binyamin and others  his age who had not finished school, were granted a special leave to complete their education. After succeeding in matriculation exams and graduating, he worked as a Hebrew teacher in Um-el-Fachem, instead of continuing military service. He then moved to Jerusalem and studied political science and Middle-East studies at  Hebrew University.

He graduated with a BA, and during 1954-1958 worked as  teacher and principal in a school at the Arab town of Taibeh. He married Naomi Segal, and  they traveled  to Toronto Canada, to teach  Hebrew at Jewish schools. They had two sons in Canada, and a third in the USA. All three sons are married, living in Israel. Naomi and Binyamin have eight grandchildren. The family lived in Arad 1975-88, working in education.

Binyamin is a pensioner and lives in Netanya.