Shlomo was born in Belzi Serbia,in Hannukah 1912 to Esther and Avraham, parents to two sons, two daughters. He joined Beitar as a youngster, and was an admired leader. He made aliya 1932, began studying at  Hebrew University and was among the founders of the nationalist  ‘El-Al’ student group  headed by Professor Klausner.

He was active in ‘Brit-Habiryonim’ and ‘Haganah-Bet’. He volunteered to guard at remote, desolate places. He was a Hebrew Guard at Kfar-Etzion, Kfar-Saba, Rehovot, and Nachalat-Yitzhak. First arrested in 1938, he spent seven years in prisons in Jerusalem, Mizra, Latrun, Akko and Africa. The summit of his activity was in bringing numerous immigrants to Eretz-Yisrael  via the ‘Af-Al-Pi’ clandestine immigration.

On one occasion Shlomo and two Etzel members, commanded the ship ‘Jaffo’ carrying 775 immigrants. It struck a rock off the coast of Crete and began sinking. He managed to transfer all  passengers safely to another ship, leaving himself for last, despite his inability to swim. Many whom he rescued from the holocaust, owe him their lives. After the split, he joined Lehi, but was soon arrested and exiled. He returned in the midst of the War of Independence. He was sent to Jerusalem to fight in Lehi ranks.

After Lehi disbanded he joined the IDF and served in the ‘Etzioni Brigade’ as a gunner during the War of Independence. During the Six-Day-War he got as far as the Temple Mount on its Liberation day – the most exciting, meaningful experience of his life. In 1949 he married Batya Vitels, Etzel member and Bethlehem prisoner.

They had three daughters and eleven grandchildren. Shlomo was General Secretary of the Jerusalem Union of Small Industry Owners, was judge in the Labor  Court, an active member in the Herut movement, the Likud Center, and member of the ‘Jabotinsky Order’. He established the Jerusalem ‘Achdut-Yisrael’ synagogue, with friends, to commemorate Lehi and Etzel fighters. During retirement, he volunteered for Absorption, organizing guided-tours for new immigrants.

Shlomo passed away  1986, and was buried on the Mount of Olives, facing the Temple Mount.