NAME: Hammerman Bella, née Weizfeld


DATE OF BIRTH: December 24, 1928

DATE OF DEATH: November 21, 2018

Bella was born in Lodz Poland on December 24,1928, to Esther and David. Her father was an ordained Rabbi  but worked in commerce. Owning fabric stores in Lodz and Danzig, the family was well off. They were Zionist and traditional. Bella made aliya with her parents and  brother Shlomo 1933. Her sister Nilli was born later. After several moves, the family settled in Tel Aviv.

Bella studied at ‘Talpiyot Religious School’ and at ‘Safra’. She was a member of Maccabi and joined Lehi at 14, hiding this from her family. Bella was active in the Youth Department and engaged in distributing info-material and pasting it up on walls. She was alert, curious and had a sharp eye; qualities which served well Department Six (Intelligence) to where she was transferred.

One of her first assignments was  smuggling coats for the escapees of Latrun. She acquired British police hats and important official forms, sent mail inside the country and abroad, followed informers, etc. She once caught an informer red-handed, and after he was warned he ceased informing.

Bella worked for the Central Post- Office Tel Aviv during four years. She used her official documents for more than one Lehi mission. She also participated in a weapons course in Ra’anana, before the disaster which befell the Ra’anana youngsters..  of his wounds on 11 Eyar 1948 aged 17. Her brother Shlomo died aged 17 from wounds sustained in an Etzel operation, 1948, after being refused treatment because of his Etzel affiliation. The family was shattered. Bella joined the IDF 1950, becoming a Sergeant in the Artillery. After her discharge she worked as a secretary in a Tel Aviv school and in the Progressive Party. In 1952 Bella married Ya’acov Hammerman, former Lehi member, who’d been very active in Jerusalem. They lived in Ashkelon, where they had a Garage. Ya’acov passed away in 1987.

Bella has a daughter and son, both married, and five grandchildren. For many years she has been active in immigrant absorption in Ashkelon and has volunteered with new immigrants. She keeps in touch with her friends from the Lehi days, and with the Lehi Trust.