NAME: Halevi Yehoshua


DATE OF BIRTH: January 22, 1924

DATE OF DEATH: February 13, 1995

Yehosha was born January 22,1924 in Eretz-Yisrael to Rachel, native of Turkey, and Ya’acov, native of Safed. His father’s family roots extend over many past generations, with members  spread throughout the country. Yehoshua’s parents settled in Haifa and built their home on Hashomer St. which bordered  Arab neighborhoods that terrorized  Jewish inhabitants during the riots of 1936-39.  Assassinations and burning of Jewish property which took place left, a harsh imprint on the young boy. For many years he tried working at different professions, until choosing to be a truck and taxi driver.

Yehoshua later met Shoshana, and their friendship developed into the bond of marriage. They had three children, Ya’acov, Haim and Rachel, and later eight grandchildren.

At the outbreak of WWII he joined the British Army. In Eretz-Yisrael the British continued  their White Paper policies, closing the gates of the country and forbidding Jews to purchase land. Yehoshua, who felt compelled very early on, to partake in the struggle to free the homeland, agreed with Lehi’s  war against the crushing, exploitative British regime. He therefore searched for contacts in order to participate in this  battle and join the underground.

After his discharge from the British army, Yehoshua once again found employment as a truck and taxi driver. He transported Lehi weapons from place to place and sought to partake in active fighting duties. Later he was assigned to blow up the building that housed the Arab leadership, at the city’s entrance. His mission was successfully accomplished. He also took part in blowing up homes of rioting Arabs who had opened fire on Jewish neighborhoods.

In 1948 Yehosha joined the IDF. After his discharge he opened a tire repair workshop. After the workshop burned down, he established a very successful import/export company. Yehosha passed away on February 13,1995. He was buried in the Underground Fighters section of Haifa cemetery.