Avraham, son of Ya’acov and Rivka, was born in the Yemenite Quarter of Tel Aviv November 28,1930. His original surname, Ta’izi, was Hebraized to Hadar.  As a member of the ‘No’ar-Oved’ Youth movement he served as  local coordinator for Ramat-Gan. He was recruited to Etzel and later joined Lehi.

In Lehi he engaged in pasting up info-bulletins and was caught in action by the Police, with a comrade on a stormy night in Ramat-Gan. They were arrested, interrogated till morning and released unharmed. The following night they returned to their assignments. He distributed info-sheets to homes and was given diverse surveillance duties, especially on a synagogue rooftop, overlooking Kfar- Sirkin and its airport. In June 1948 Avraham joined the IDF and during the war suffered injury from a landmine.

He lay unconscious three days in Tel- Hashomer hospital. After weeks of hospitalization he was released, completed his last days of active military duty, and despite his disability, remained in the reserves as  Sergeant. He served in Lebanon  during the Litani Operation and the Lebanon War of 1982-85. In 1951 he worked as  Chief Clerk in a secret Artillery Corps installation’s underground ammunition storage.  Avraham finished his job as an IDF-employed civilian, and in November 1955 was appointed, (a  disabled veteran) to the Electric Company’s Reading power station. He studied theater at the ZOA House.

Avraham edited books, such as The Fragrant Garden, in memory of an Ashdod resident. He voluntarily edited booklets commemorating fallen IDF soldiers, and worked in Voice-of-Israel Radio eight years, as a presenter and editor of scientific, cultural, and social programs. In March 1957 he moved to Ashdod, was involved in cultural matters there, and spokesperson for the Workers Council. He edited ‘Bita’on’, the town’s first Hebrew newspaper. Today, Avraham works for a local Ashdod newspaper and advises pensioners.  Avraham has a daughter and three grandchildren.