David was born in  Izviech, Poland, 1907, to religious parents, who groomed him to become a Rabbi. He studied at a yeshiva. The family made aliya, settling in Haifa 1922. David became a customs official’s apprentice, and a year later, an independent customs official. He studied Hebrew, Arabic and English, and acquired a reputation as one of the topmost, trustworthy customs officials in the country. A fervent nationalist, captivated by the teachings of Jabotinsky, he joined the boycott upon the British-sponsored Population Census, and was  imprisoned for it in Akko.

During the 1929 riots, he joined the Jewish Constables in protecting Jewish settlements. When Tel Aviv Port was built, he moved to Tel Aviv. When Etzel broke the existing non-retaliation policy, during the 1939 riots, he joined their struggle. With his wide connections with Jews, Arabs, and the British, particularly CID officers Ketling and Wilkin, he could gather prize intelligence for Etzel. David released shiploads of weapons for Etzel from Haifa Port, and helped  fundraise for the ‘Iron Fund’.

After Etzel’s commander David Raziel died, and Etzel actions against the British entered a lull with the onset of WWII, he felt Lehi’s direction as right for him and decided to join. In Lehi, he mainly delivered intelligence and recruited sympathizers and cash. Based on his information, money and diamond confiscation operations were carried out to fund the underground. Based on his intelligence  the Barclay’s Bank Tel Aviv confiscation took place  adding substantial funding. David was close to the fighter ‘Blond Dov’, whom he greatly esteemed. Before Lehi’s disbanding 1948, he successfully smuggled a large consignment of arms from Haifa Port to the front in Jerusalem. David married Milla, who became his partner on his chosen path and action. They have two children, Yigal and Tamar.

Following  establishment of the State, he continued  working in his profession,  less successfully. In 1974 he published his book ‘At the Underground’s Service’.  At its end he wrote: “It makes me happy to remember that stormy, difficult period of my life, assisting with all my heart and soul, the Heroes of Israel who brought us to the portal of Israel’s resurrection, thanks to whom we have risen to live.”