Clara was born in October 1914 in  Lvov Poland, to Fanya and Noah. Her family was traditional, nationalist and financially well-off, owning a dairy store. Later her parents and sister perished in the Holocaust; her brother was killed as a soldier in  Anders’ army.

Clara studied at Polish elementary and high schools. She had a broad education and played piano. She was active in Beitar, and made aliya in 1934 with a Certificate and a fictitious marriage. She joined the Beitar group in Ramat-Tyomkin  and worked in the orchards, never complaining despite pain caused by a congenital heart defect. She contracted typhus, and was well cared for by  Elisheva Enden, her friend, supervised by Dr Bekman.

After a year, she was discharged from Beitar due to her heart condition, and moved to Jerusalem. She visited her parents in  Poland 1937, and studied English there. Upon return she continued her Etzel activities. After the split she joined Lehi. The small dark rooms where she lived around Tel Aviv, served Lehi members for clandestine meetings, for hiding and sleeping.

She made her living as a waitress, bringing home sandwiches which fed her hungry friends. She engaged in distributing info-materials, surveillance, and smuggling letters to local prisoners and those exiled in Eritrea. She labored to conceal weapons under the ground, served in the broadcasting facility, and encouraged supporters. She finally ran Lehi’s Medical Department very successfully. After establishment of the State she worked in the Civil Airways Administration.

Recognized as outstanding employee and citizen, she was elected Best Transport Ministry worker 1979. After retirement she contracted cancer. Her Lehi friends, the women in her family, and particularly Drora Ben-Ami, dedicatedly cared for her throughout her illness. Clara was single, her boyfriend having fallen in the War of Independence. Apart from her few relatives, Lehi friends were her “real” family. She was a good friend, an exemplary Freedom Fighter.

Clara passed away after much suffering on August 24,1981. She was buried in the Lehi section of the Holon cemetery.