NAME: Gur (Weiss) Yehuda


DATE OF BIRTH: September 26, 1914

DATE OF DEATH: September 9, 2005

Yehuda was born on September 26,1914 to Rachel and Avraham-Shmuel, in Szolos Hungary. His parents  produced  and sold milk products. His father, scholar-  Zionist, raised his children to love the Jewish nation and homeland. He helped found a local Hebrew-school where his children studied. Both parents perished in the Holocaust. Yehuda joined Beitar young and became one of its regional commanders. He dedicated all his time to the movement and prepared youngsters for aliya. In 1935 he obtained a Certificate and made aliya himself.     Immediately after arrival Yehuda joined  Beitar in Ramat-Tyomkin, and Etzel. When finishing service with the group, he departed for Tel Aviv, continued his Etzel activities, and became one of the heads of the 8th Company, whose popular commander ,Arieh Yitzhaki, was killed while assembling mines. Yehuda and his Company comrades engaged in various activities against Arab rioters in the Tel Aviv/Jaffa region. He made a living working for the weekly paper owned by Ben-Zion Katz, ‘News’. This continued till  Etzel split, which affected him greatly. He joined Yair, and was among the most active and convincing members. He got arrested on November 6,1940 because of an informer.  After interrogation in Jaffa, Yehuda was sent to Mizra Detention Camp, then Latrun Prison. There he was the first prisoner to raise the idea of tunneling a way out. And indeed, on November 1,1943 twenty prisoners, inclding himself, escaped through the tunnel they’d dug. Right after escaping, he was one of the members to set up the Intelligence Dept. He later moved to Haifa and was responsible for the region.  In 1947 Yehuda was sent by Lehi to Europe. After a short stay in Egypt, he traveled to Prague where he established a Lehi base. He continued to Hungary, settling in Budapest and establishing another Lehi base there. While in Hungary, Yehuda married Kitti Liebreich. In 1949 he returned to Israel with his wife. Yehuda and Kitti have a daughter, Rally, and four grandchildren. Yehuda passed away September 11,2005. He was buried at the Yarkon cemetery.