NAME: Gruzin Ruth, née Grossbard


DATE OF BIRTH: August 3, 1926

DATE OF DEATH: June 1, 2019

Ruth, daughter of Rachel and Shmuel, was born on August 3,1926 in Tel Aviv. Her grandfather and father were construction materials dealers, and her mother a housewife. Her parents’ household was Revisionist – Zionist. Under their influence she and her brother Arieh got involved in the movement. Her uncle David Grossbard, was an Etzel commander. Her brother, who was a Lehi member and later served in Etzel, was killed in a car accident in 1992. Ruth studied at ‘Geula Commercial School’ Tel Aviv and at the age of 12 joined Beitar, and later ‘Bnei-Etzel’. In 1943 she joined the  Royal Air-Force and served in Egypt as a signals operator. Meanwhile, she was recruited to Lehi and given the nom-de-guerre  Dalia. While in Egypt she actively dealt in arms and was assigned to tail Lord Moyne, the British Middle East Minister of Colonies. The Lehi Center had decided to assassinate him because he was the Chief official representing the British anti-Jewish, anti-Zionist policies, and he struggled constantly against Immigration to Eretz Yisrael, of Jewish survivors of European persecution. Together with Eliahu Hakim, Ruth became a courier for the transfer of documents and radio parts, from Egypt to the Lehi underground in Eretz Yisrael. After Moyne’s assassination by Eliahu Hakim and Eliahu Beit-Zuri, Ruth was arrested as an accomplice and, with an escort of armed British officers, transferred to Eretz Yisrael in an RAF combat plane. Her arrest took place after Sadovsky, an Egyptian Jew linked to Lehi in setting up the assassination, revealed the names of accomplices when arrested and interrogated by the British. He later committed suicide in prison. Ruth was jailed in the Bethlehem Women’s Prison for two years. After her release in 1947, she married  South African Jew Ya’acov Gruzin, who had been sent to Israel on an undercover Etzel mission. She went with him to South Africa, but returned to Israel during the War of Independence. Ruth has two sons, a daughter, and eight grandchildren. She resides in Tel Aviv and worked for a travel agency before becoming a pensioner.