NAME: Grushov Avner



Avner Grushov grew up in Belgium during World War II. After his father’s death, in order to conceal his Jewish identity, his mother put him in a boarding school in Belgium with an Aryan identity. At school he received a Catholic education while his mother was hiding from the Nazis. Avner, a former commando from the British Army, joined the Lehi and was nicknamed “Yoav”, “Belgian Yoav” or “French Yoav”. Avner participated in bold actions. He shot Major Duran, head of the Intelligence in Tel Aviv. He was then transferred to Haifa and was an accomplice to the assassination of Conquest, the head of the C.I.D. in Haifa. Ya’akov Penso “Goel” and Avner were tasked with carrying out the assassination that occurred on June 2nd, 1947. The two followed Conquest’s car through the streets of Haifa. When Conquest came out of a store, he was shot and died. The two escaped, “Goel” was injured and Avner managed to get safely to the base and report Conquest’s death. After the assassination of Conquest, Avner was sent to England to assassinate Ernest Bevin. In order to raise money to buy an escape car, he went to a Lehi member in Paris to ask for money. The Lehi member in Paris gave him half of a dollar and sent him to ask for funds from the IRA in Dublin. The holder of the second half of the dollar refused Avner’s request. Avner approached Adolfo Kaminsky, a former French resistance operative who assisted Lehi in France, requesting a bomb to assassinate Ernest Bevin. Kaminsky, who opposed the assassinations, provided him with an faulty bomb. The bomb was planted in the British Parliament but did not explode. Avner commanded one of the money confiscation operations at Barclays Bank. In the operation, he killed the sergeant standing guard on the sidewalk. He joined a number of operations as a photographer and took photos during the fighting, immortalizing the attacks. David Shomron “Ali” called him the first military photographer of Lehi. In 1959, Avner Grushov published a book in English and French, “Memories of an assassin”, the book was not translated into Hebrew.