NAME: Gross Shraga

DATE OF BIRTH: November 28, 1923

DATE OF DEATH: December 19, 2005

Shraga Gross, son of Ephraim and Haya-Yona, was third generation born in Israel. He was born in Haifa on November 28, 1923. From 1937 to 1938 he was a member of Beitar and later joined the Etzel. With the separation from Etzel in 1940, he followed “Yair” and joined the Lehi as a fighter in Haifa under the command of “Yossi” “Nadav” and “Israel”. He was detained by the British in 1945 and remained in detention in Latrun until 12 May 1947. He was then exiled by the British to Africa, on the 12th and final deportation that included 50 detainees. He stayed at the Gilgil camp in Kenya until the establishment of the State of Israel and was returned to Israel with the last expats from Kenya on July 12, 1948. He received the Lehi badge. Shraga married Arela and they had two sons, Boaz and Yaron. Shraga died on December 19th, 2005, and is buried in Sdeh Yehoshua Cemetery in Haifa.