NAME: Greenblatt Nehemiah-Natan

LEHI ALIAS: Meir, The Hasid

Nehemiah Greenblatt was born into a religious family and was a yeshiva member. He was a Lehi member and participated in many activities. Early on, he hung posters and made deliveries on a bicycle. He then joined the Operations Division. He participated in confiscating weapons, hiding them and distributing and confiscating funds from Barclays Bank and also commanding various operations. He also operated within Division 6. Prior to the explosion in Sarona, Meir worked in the telephone com and took blueprints that would allow Lehi fighters to carry out the operation. Between the time the British left and the state of Israel was declared, he participated in an armored attack near a CID checkpoint, where a machine gun was confiscated. He commanded the operation in Manshiya. After the declaration of independence, he moved to Jerusalem, took part transferring weapons and then participated in battles in the Old City. Nehemiah left Israel and moved to the United States.