Romek was born on May 2,1919 in Warsaw Poland, to Ze’ev, native of Odessa, and Dina, née Elbinger. The family was Hassidic and ardently Zionist. His paternal grandfather’s wealthy family, were philanthropists, who purchased real-estate in Eretz Yisrael, and established Jewish institutions in Odessa. The family also funded the establishment of a Jewish Defense – Force to counter anti-Semitic rioting in Russia. As a youngster Romek was very active in Beitar, even serving a few months  as Ze’ev Jabotinsky’s adjutant and personal bodyguard. Following the Nazi rise to power in Germany, he was active in the ‘Anti-Hitleristic Committee’, which acted against merchants  importing goods from Nazi Germany. In charge of security, he was introduced to Yair and witnessed his encounters with top Polish officers, as they discussed their mutual plans to move men and military equipment by sea to Eretz Yisrael. Romek was recruited to the Polish Army, graduated  Officers School. While still a second-lieutenant in the Polish Army, he crossed the border to Romania, and made aliya via Lebanon. The new immigrant who reached Eretz Yisrael at the end of 1939, was able to befriend Sheik Yusuf Abu-Gosh’s family, whom he recruited to Lehi, and whose vital help enabled Geula Cohen’s escape from prison. He was active in Lehi’s Dept 6 (Intelligence) and involved, among other activities, in procuring weapons from Arabs. Romek was a unique character. Few knew him as ‘Elchanan’ (his code name), but the name ‘Romek’ was universally known to all in Lehi. Many from Lehi are in his debt, for his helping them, through his extensive contacts, in diverse and unusual matters, even after their underground period. Eventually these contacts, and his willingness to help, later complicated him with the law.

Romek married Pnina Mani in 1943. They had two children, Avraham David, and Dina, and a grandson from Dina.

Romek passed away on April 30,1966.