Yitzchak Arieh was born on 1917 in Z’alov Poland, to Rabbi Mordechai Menachem, a Gur Hassid, and Leah. The parents gave their children a Jewish Orthodox education, and raised them to love the Jewish people and Eretz-Yisrael, and to be dedicated to the cause. Yitzchak Arieh studied in a Cheder until his father made aliya 1924 with his wife and three children. They arrived in Eretz Yisrael. His father was among the founders of the religious Moshava Bnei-Brak, near the site of the ancient Jewish town of the same name.  Yitzchak studied at  Talmud-Torah Bnei-Brak, at  ‘Or Same’ach’ Yeshiva Tel Aviv, and  at  ‘Hebron Yeshiva’ in Jerusalem. He was an active member of ‘Brit-Hachashmona’im’, in charge of the Tel Aviv cell. In Eretz-Yisrael the Granevitch family had seven more children. From the start of Lehi’s war against the British, the Granevitch children, from eldest to youngest, enlisted in Lehi. Yitzchak joined in 1943  collecting funds  needed for activities, for purchasing weapons/explosives, and for funding those members who were unable to go out and work for fear of capture. Yitzchak married Yaffa Zigelboim 1944, and they had four sons. After Lehi members’ assassination of Count Bernadotte, because of his actions in supporting turning over Jerusalem to Jordan’s King Abdullah, Yitzchak was arrested  with many other Lehi members, imprisoned in Jaffa Prison, then  Akko for five months, until a general amnesty was granted. He joined the IDF afterwards, serving in the Reserves many years, with the Military Rabbinate. He ran a weaving factory in Tel Aviv, one of several established earlier by his father. He later became owner of the ‘Kinneret’ Festivities Hall in Shenkin St., Tel Aviv. He held a morning lesson daily, for house-owners and pensioners. Yitzchak Arieh passed away on March 1,1990. He was laid to rest at the  Mt.-of-Olives  Cemetery Jerusalem, next to his father and grandfather. He is survived by his wife, four sons, plus over thirty grandchildren, and thirty great-grandchildren.