NAME: Granevitch Mordechai-Menachem and Leah


DATE OF DEATH: Menachem: July 18, 1980, Leah: July 15, 1975

Rabbi Mordechai Menachem was born 1895 in Poland, to Yishayahu, a Gur Hassid, and Chava. He saw the liberation of Eretz-Yisrael from the Turks as a sign of the Messiah’s coming. He married Leah and they had three children. In 1924 he immigrated with his family to Eretz-Yisrael. No one awaited them upon arrival; the family journeyed from Jaffa Port to newly established Bnei-Brak, in a horse-drawn carriage that sank in the sand. He began working as a weaver, established a weaving plant, and later became owner of several such plants. The couple had seven more children, all brought up in the spirit of love of Torah and the homeland, along with a boundless commitment.

When Lehi’s  struggle against the British regime commenced, the children joined the underground, one after another. When twenty Lehi members escaped from Latrun, several escapees found refuge in the Granevitch family home. Evenings, when the younger children were preparing to exit the house to paste-up posters in the streets of Tel Aviv, their mother Leah would work in her kitchen boiling  pails of glue for her offspring. The spoils of the money-confiscation operation, at Barclay’s Bank  included a sack full  of One Palestine-Pound notes. Mordechai deposited the notes in separate bank accounts and later withdrew the money in notes of higher-denomination.  Their eldest, Yitshak-Arieh, collected funds for Lehi. Daughter Tzippora hid wanted  members at her home. Son Nathan was a Lehi activisit, as was Shmuel, their youngest. Son Ya’acov-Yiftach, active in the Youth Division, was arrested and imprisoned in Latrun, remaining till shortly before the British left. Daughter Malka participated in the attack on the Haifa railway workshops, was seriously wounded and sat in Bethleham Jail. After the assassination of Bernadotte, son Arieh was arrested by the Israeli authorities, imprisoned in Jaffa, then Akko, till a general amnesty was proclaimed.  Mordechai passed away on July 18,1980 and laid to rest at the Mt.of Olives Cemetery, Jerusalem. His wife Leah passed away on July 15,1975 and was laid to rest at the Ponovitch cemetery, Bnei-Brak.