David was born on January 30,1925 in Vienna to Sigmund and Karola. The family moved to Chernovitch 1936 – Romania at the time. The family, which was stable, was distant from a Jewish religious existence. In 1939 David joined Beitar and became an instructor. During the Russian and German occupation the Beitar cell worked clandestinely,and planned their escape to Israel.

David and his comrades reached Bucharest,then  Constanza using certificates obtained from Beitar representatives. He arrived in Israel June 1944, settled in Netanya and worked in the diamond industry. When joining Lehi he left Netanya.  “Amichai” was his nom-de-guerre. His underground work was mainly in the Operations branch. He underwent a special weapons training course. He participated in the joint Lehi/Etzel attack at the Lod Train Station  November 1945. From then on his activities focused on sabotaging trains, preparing mines and explosives. At the beginning of 1947 he was transferred to Jerusalem and made commander of the Operations Branch. Activities focused on attacking British vehicles on the streets and targeting soldiers and policemen in cars, guard posts, or police stations. David participated in releasing Geula Cohen from Government Hospital,  Jerusalem, and the failed attempt assassination attempt of  National CID Commander Giles, in Jerusalem. After the UN Partition decision, the battle in Jerusalem shifted towards  Arabs as well. Lehi fighters took an active part. In the joint Lehi/Etzel attack on the Arab village Deir-Yassin, David was among the leading commanders. He vehemently denied Hagannah claims that Arab residents were PURPOSEFULLY massacred and claimed  they were killed in the midst of fighting. After the  British withdrew from the country, David commanded the Lehi force which tried to break through into the Old City. The battle claimed five casualties, including his girlfriend Rachel Zeltser (“Ofra”). He participated in nearly all Lehi battles and operations targeting  Arab concentrations in areas surrounding Jerusalem.

After the assassination of Count Bernadotte, David went to Tel-Aviv. He later left for Vilnius, to meet his parents. There he tried to continue his nationalist undertakings by publishing a periodical, but it was impossible to do –  he  decided to study Textile Engineering. In 1951 David married Hanna Zinger  and they had two daughters and two grandchildren. He returned to Israel1952.  He worked at textile factories and  became manager of the Israeli branch of a foreign enterprise marketing chemicals and paint to the textile industry. David passed away on January 2,1999, and was buried in the Lehi section of  Yarkon Cemetery.