Binyamin was born on November 10,1929 in Kovna Lithuania, to Abba and Rivka. His father was a well-known lawyer, a Lithuanian Army officer, and chairman of Maccabee Lithuania. Young Benedict, as he was called then, belonged to Maccabee though not himself a sports fan; it was his father’s wish.

In 1940 the family moved to Vilnius. He spent part of the Holocaust in Ghetto  Vilnius, then hid in a Gentile home of his own accord. His sister, a Beitar member, joined Vilnius Ghetto Underground. She left with a group of Partisans for the woods, and died. In 1945 Binyamin made aliya  with his mother, who had also managed to survive. They settled in Kfar-Saba. He studied there for a year, and after publicly proclaiming his views, favoring fighting the British, he was recruited to Lehi 1946. He continued his studies in Hebrew High School Jerusalem, and the following year, moved there with his mother. At Lehi Binyamin underwent courses, was put in charge of three cells, and engaged in recruiting new members. Later, he moved to the Operations Department, and participated in most of the battles against the Arabs in Jerusalem. He was wounded in the battle of Deir-Yassin, and after recovery, joined the IDF. In 1949 he was discharged from regular service and studied at the Technion Haifa, graduating 1953 with a bachelor-of-science degree in Electronic Engineering. He left for three years of further studies in the US, and in 1968 received a Masters degree in Electronic Engineering. From 1961 onwards Binyamin worked in Hadassah Hospital Jerusalem heading the Electromyography Lab. During this period he wrote about 150 articles. Most were  published in an international electromyography journal. He retired in 1995, and has been active since then with his hobby, math. In 1968 Binyamin married Tsipora Shmueli, a kindergarten teacher. They have two daughters.