NAME: Gomli Menachem

LEHI ALIAS: Yigal, Yoram


DATE OF DEATH: January 8, 2009

Menachem Gomli, son of Nissim was born in Yemen in 1930 and immigrated to Israel on February 12th, 1935. In May 1946, he joined the Lehi in Ahuzat Bait in Tel Aviv, and held reconnaissance, surveillance, poster hanging and security positions under the command of Yossef Manx “Yanai”. After the establishment of Israel, on May 29, 1948, as part of the concentrated IDF recruitment, he joined the 8th Brigade, 82nd Battalion. He received the Lehi badge and the State Warriors badge. Menachem died on January 8th, 2009, and is buried in Yarkon Cemetery.